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A legal attorney and renegade cop team up to stop a corrupt cop.
A drug dealer shoots a corrupt police officer. Though the drug dealer admits his guilt, he pleads self-defense. His lawyer, Roland Dalton, and renegade loner NYPD narcotics agent Richie Marks, pursue evidence in his favor. They encounter difficulties from other corrupt police officers, drug dealers, and various street scum. Dalton's life is further complicated by the fact that the prosecuting attorney is a former lover.
When drug dealer Michael Jones (Brooks) shoots a corrupt cop in New York&#39;s Central Park one night, it falls on idealistic, Jimi Hendrix-loving attorney Roland Dalton (Weller) to defend him. But things get far more complicated when Dalton must team up with an undercover, unorthodox cop, Richie Marks (Elliott) to get to the truth behind all the corrupt cops, drug dealers, thugs and goons. And in a plot device later used, interestingly enough, in Night Of The Wilding (1990), the prosecutor on the Jones case is Roland&#39;s former girlfriend.<br/><br/>What&#39;s great about Shakedown is that it is not mindless. It has real characters in realistic settings. You grow to appreciate both Dalton and Marks. It&#39;s a legal drama but it is filled with action as well - the legal side represented by Peter Weller and the action side by Sam Elliott, who should have appeared in more movies like this. Weller makes plenty of funny faces along with his more normal interpretation of Dalton, the baby boomer attorney. Another name, Antonio Fargas shows up, but the fairly fast pace doesn&#39;t allow for him to stay around long. Richard Brooks would later be on the other side of the law on Law &amp; Order.<br/><br/>Another noteworthy aspect of this movie is its excellent New York City locations. A lot of scenes were filmed on the famed 42nd street, right before the city was cleaned up. There are plenty of movie marquees on show, everything from X-rated material to movies like The Hidden (1987) and Fatal Beauty, 1987 (also starring Elliott). You can see the famous Lyric theater, among others. As part of Marks&#39; undercover work, he hides out in a theater watching the Glickenhaus movie The Soldier, 1982 (which you can also see posters for in the lobby). It&#39;s great to see all this stuff. We&#39;re very glad it was preserved here, intentionally or not.<br/><br/>The seamy, New York, 80&#39;s atmosphere, along with the quality stunts, largely good acting combined with a story about adults (no stupid kids are involved) puts Shakedown way above the pack.<br/><br/>Featuring the tune &quot;Lookin&#39; For Love&quot; by Nikki Ryder, Shakedown is well worth seeking out.<br/><br/>For more action insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com
A routine cop action thriller that has a split personality in that it develops a more than decent multi layer story, only to throw in some Perry Mason court room intrigue interspersed with several every more entertaining but outrageous action fill up&#39;s that seem to belong to another movie.In the end there are just to many plot holes and sub plots going on, a little discipline would of made for a better film. But, for all of these irritants, this is still entertaining fair, if ultimately rather shallow.A easy going 6 from 10, I&#39;m in a good mood!

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