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After a collision with a comet, a nearly 8km wide piece of the asteroid "Orpheus" is heading toward Earth. If it hits, it will cause an incredible catastrophe which will probably extinguish mankind. To stop the meteor, NASA wants to use the illegal nuclear weapon satellite "Hercules," but soon discovers that it doesn't have enough firepower. Their only chance to save the world is to join forces with the USSR, which has also launched such an illegal satellite. But will both governments agree?
The USA must join forces with the USSR in order to destroy a gigantic asteroid heading straight for Earth.
It seems incredible that this codswallop was released 2 whole years after that definitive science-fantasy epic &#39;Star Wars&#39;. Didn&#39;t these people watch that movie and see how high George Lucas had raised the bar for special-effects? With its sub-Gerry Anderson gadgets, its rousing &#39;Thunderbirds&#39; style anthems, and its hokey un-special effects&#39; this movie&#39;s production standards seem to hail from at least a decade earlier. Just check-out the falling bodies in the 1960&#39;s &#39;War Of The Worlds&#39;; they&#39;re actually more believable.<br/><br/>Scientists have discovered a large piece of rotating gingerbread, that bears a striking resemblance to Karl Malden&#39;s nose, on a collision course with planet Earth. It&#39;s a science fiction movie then? Well, not exactly. The reds are still under the beds so it&#39;s a cold war drama instead. That worthy old Russian diplomat Perry Stroyka has to do his stuff and make the anti-nose-defence-system a co-operative east-west effort. Is it a meteor? Or is it an asteroid? You decide; the scriptwriters evidently can&#39;t. Call it a nasalisk.<br/><br/>In keeping with tradition, a host of top-dollar actors and actresses are bribed into compromising their careers. We see Henry Fonda, Natalie Woods, He Of The Proboscis, and of course: Sean Connery. Now there&#39;s a man with a sense of humour. Together they chew through a script with lines to die for - or at least from, probably by choking.<br/><br/>To maintain its flagging interest, there are smaller noselets that arrive without warning at fairly regular intervals, unleashing some of the most lamentably wretched destruction scenes ever witnessed in a movie.<br/><br/>Even as a bunch of Blue Peter washing-up bottles disguised as nuclear missiles are on their to the gingerbread, a noselet is inbound for New York, where the control centre has been sensibly sited underneath a river. Actually, that&#39;s not so absurd. Check-out Britain&#39;s &#39;National Archive&#39; sited on the Thames flood-plain at Kew (you can bet that the most valuable items are stored in non-waterproof containers in the basement).<br/><br/>So; just as the movie is about to climax with the destruction of the nasalisk, the camera cuts to Sean Connery and his team, now having to dig their way out of the smashed underground bunker. And - yes - the river does break through and - yes - it&#39;s a life and death race to the surface. This escape is cut and cut again with various boring views of rockets apparently whizzing through space. Will they stop the nose? Will Connery&#39;s team escape? Two climaxes for the price of one. Now that&#39;s good value. Lousy directing, but good value.<br/><br/>Most of the rockets hit the nasalisk in three waves. The first two waves have the effect of causing a small part of it to glow red. Whereas the third wave blows it completely to atoms. Which is rather strange as each wave was supposed to have equal explosive intensity.<br/><br/>Three or four of the rockets malfunction. And what becomes of them? Well; gravity would suggest that what goes up must come down. So there are several nukes destined to fall back to Earth, detonate in high atmosphere, and sprinkle everyone and everything with radioactive fall-out. Hmm.<br/><br/>Yes, well; I think that&#39;s enough. Watch it with some friends and plenty of beer and your&#39;re likely in for a great laugh. But don&#39;t even pretend to take it seriously. I&#39;m sure Mr Connery didn&#39;t.
In the &#39;70&#39;s the disaster movie was a very popular genre. Just think about movies such as &quot;Airport&quot;, &quot;The Poseidon Adventure&quot;, &quot;Earthquake&quot; and &quot;The Towering Inferno&quot;. The &#39;70&#39;s were already close to their end at the time of the release of this movie and the genre also already had its best moments clearly behind them. This movie just doesn&#39;t seem to realize this and lets all of the typical &#39;70&#39;s genre moments feature in this movie.<br/><br/>Like basically every &#39;70&#39;s disaster movie, the movie features an all star cast, with in this case actors such as Sean Connery Karl Malden, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau, Trevor Howard and Henry Fonda involved. Not that it matters much though, since none of the actors exactly have their finest moment in this movie and they can&#39;t really make the movie it&#39;s silly story more credible.<br/><br/>To be honest the story and its events often don&#39;t make much sense and it isn&#39;t exactly made more plausible by its special effects, which are just laughable bad. Yes I know it&#39;s an 1979 movie but surely better things as featured in this movie were possible, when you look at for instance at movies such as &quot;Star Wars&quot;, &quot;Close Encounters of the Third Kind&quot; and &quot;2001: A Space Odyssey&quot;, which all got made prior to this movie.<br/><br/>The fact that this movie is done in such an horrible way makes the movie seem the more painfully ridicules and laughable actually.<br/><br/>Strangely enough the movie doesn&#39;t focus much on any personal drama, something that normally was featured very prominently in &#39;70&#39;s disaster flicks. It makes this movie also a very shallow and uninteresting experience. Why should you care about any of the characters? Why should you care about the fact that the world is about to get destroyed by a meteor in this movie? The movie now just mainly drags on instead all the time.<br/><br/>I liked the musical score from Laurence Rosenthal though. It was a John Williams kind of sounding score. Williams composed for a lot of &#39;70&#39;s disaster flicks such as the earlier mentioned &quot;The Poseidon Adventure&quot;, &quot;Earthquake&quot; and &quot;The Towering Inferno&quot;. Williams was also actually first set to compose the score for this movie.<br/><br/>I do know now were Michael Bay got some of his inspiration from. A lot of trademark buildings and famous big cities gets hit by meteors and other natural disasters that go with it. But another laughable thing is that the movie is actually using archive footage of buildings getting demolished and it actually uses some footage from another disaster movie which got released only 1 year prior to this movie, called &quot;Avalanche&quot;, which by the way also seems like a real horrible movie. Yes, I&#39;m definitely planning on seeing that movie!<br/><br/>Perhaps not as totally horrible as its reputation would suggest but nevertheless still a bad late &#39;70&#39;s disaster flick.<br/><br/>4/10<br/><br/>http://bobafett1138.blogspot.com/

As the title implies, Meteor is a disaster movie about a meteor about to hit the Earth in seven days. The only way the American experts can think of to stop the meteor is by hitting it with their orbital nuclear missiles, dubbed Hercules, which are currently pointed at the USSR. The problem is that the combined power of the Hercules missiles is not powerful enough to stop the meteor, so the US wants to unite their Hercules missiles with the missiles from the USSR&#39;s secret Peter the Great project, which are currently pointed at the United States. An additional problem is that neither government wants the other government to know that they even have such missiles. Meteor is based on a screenplay by screenwriters Edmund H North and Stanley Mann. However, it was inspired by Project Icarus, a report written by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a hypothetical systems project. The report focused on the concept of using missiles to deflect an asteroid that might become threatening to Earth. The project was described in the June 1967 issue of Time magazine and published as a book, Project Icarus: an MIT Student Project in Systems Engineering, in 1968. The chain of events started when a never-seen-before comet appeared from the other side of the sun and passed through the asteroid belt, hitting a large asteroid known as Orpheus. Orpheus broke into chunks. Several of those chunks started on a trajectory course with the Earth. Most of the pieces were small, but one particular chunk was five miles wide and could do serious damage to the Earth if it hits. This chunk, now known as the Orpheus meteor is projected to hit the Earth in six days. The Russian missiles are launched. While waiting for the 20 minutes to pass until they can launch the American missiles, Dr Bradley (<a href="/name/nm0000125/">Sean Connery</a>) receives a message from Sir Michael Hughes (<a href="/name/nm0002145/">Trevor Howard</a>) in England informing him that another chunk of Orpheus has been spotted heading for New York. Moments after the American missiles are fired, the chunk hits New York, causing massive destruction and destroying the World Trade Center. Because the control center is located in an old subway shaft under the Bell System building, it is not completely destroyed, but the rubble traps the survivors underground. Bradley leads out the survivors through the subway tunnels, enduring muddy water from the East River and breaking through blocked tunnels. When they get almost to the top, they are able to listen to a news broadcast saying that the missiles were successful in breaking up the meteor, just as someone breaks through the last pile of rubble from the outside, freeing them all. In the final scene, Bradley and Harry Sherman (<a href="/name/nm0001500/">Karl Malden</a>) are at the airport, seeing off Tatiana (<a href="/name/nm0000081/">Natalie Wood</a>) and Dubov (<a href="/name/nm0001417/">Brian Keith</a>). Tatiana kisses Bradley. As she boards the plane, Dubov says to her in Russian, &quot;I think you&#39;ll come back one day.&quot; Tatiana replies in Russian, &quot;Perhaps.&quot; Yes. Natalie Wood (born Natalia Nikolaevna Zahkarenko to Russian immigrant parents) spoke fluent Russian, as did Brian Keith.
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